This parish has a long and illustrious history and many generations have worshipped here over the 120 years of its existence.

The Church is well-known and loved. A fuller history of the church and its artifacts can be found in a pamphlet written by Monsignor John Furnival the current parish priest. Today it continues to draw large numbers to Sunday mass, baptisms, weddings and, naturally, funerals, in the course of the year.

You can access Mass times and information about the church and parish and also to the weekly newsletter. Links can be found to other local churches in the area, Pastoral Area activities and ecumenical partnership.

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Sunday 19th January at 3.00 pm - A special service for all our local churches will be held in Ss. Peter and Paul’s church on Sunday 19th January at 3.00 pm led by the Bishop Beverely, Bishop of Warrington, assistant Anglican bishop of Liverpool. All are encouraged to attend. The Churches from Waterloo and area will join us.

The Mums and Toddlers group have changed their meeting time. The group will now meet on Wednesdays starting 9.00 am until 10.45 am.

New Questionnaire - SYNOD 2020

Please click here to download the questionnaire. Once completed, it can be sent as an attachment to the church email address - stpeterandpaulscrosby@outlook.com

Clergy and those people associated with the parish will be invited. Other events to be arranged and made known soon. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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IMPORTANT New Mass Time Updates: The Sunday mass time has been updated to 10:30AM. There is also a Holy Hour and Mass on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 pm. Mass 7.30 pm.

First Holy Communion 2019 Click here to get the form. Click here to view notes on the form


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